Cocktail Catering

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Welcome to the ultimate cocktail-experience,
wherever you are!

The main ingredients of a well-functioning event are a great venue, entertained guests and most importantly quality food and drink. But even if all of them combined together perfectly, an event cannot stand out without a bit of magic - unforgettable hostmanship. And this this is where a small group of quirky cocktail artists behind Son of a Punch Catering comes along.

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Cocktails for any occasion!

For us, cocktail has been our passion from the beginning. Slightly after our first bar we noticed that the demand for cocktails was beyond our venues and we couldn’t arrange all the events in our bars. And there for cocktail catering as a business began.

Son of a Punch Catering is not your typical catering company. It’s a gang of professionals – extreme extroverts focused on great service and being genuinely present for the customer. And we’re not just talking about a team of colleagues – we’re in this for love and passion. This is not our job; it’s our privilege, and our lifestyle.

We want to showcase our expertise in different venues and this way help events to shine and stand out from others. Our passion does not limit only to restaurants and bars, we want to see high quality cocktails being served at big festivals and at private home parties. That’s right, imagine a refreshing punch served at your birthday party. An event combined with the right cocktail and service will make your day perfect. This is our mission and we are more than happy to do this with you! Feedback is really important to us and we are proud to share with you a few that we have received from our partners from different events:

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Henri Lahti, Hartwa Trade
Event: Flow festivaali
“Together with Son of a Punch, we build the festivals best and most succesfull cocktail bar and the result was amazing! The partnership worked immediately from the beginning, we only had to share with the guys what our vision was and from there everything went smoothly. They exceeded our expectations far more than we could have imagined. Thanks for the whole gang for making this happen!”

Juha Tarvonen, Beverages Partners Finland
Event: Opening of a new office
“Thanks to these guys, our new office truly got the housewarming party that we needed! Finally, it’s easy to believe in the fact that whisky as a spirit works in such a large variety of cocktails””

Private person
Event: Wedding
“ We decided to take Son of a Punch as part of our most important day of our life. Our expectations were high for the drinks served and we wanted to make sure about this. Eventually the bar was the main attraction for our celebration and we still recall the tasty minty cocktails that were served on that night”

Tommi Hintikka
Event: 30 y birthday
” We celebrated my 30 years birthday at a venue located near the city of Helsinki. Son of a Punch was chosen to host the bar with a last-minute call by a mistake but be sure that they will host all my events in the future. Unforgettable drinks at a memorable night”

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If you are planning an event then we would love to hear from you. All questions and enquiries can be directed to us using the form below. There is no event or location that we are unable to handle. Cocktails wherever, whenever you like - we wish to take part of your memorable event.