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Let’s go back a few years to 2011 when it all began. A group of friends that were all united with a strong passion for developing the restaurant, hospitality and bar industry met to set a mission that would change the Helsinki’s and the whole Finland’s industry for good.

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Before uniting the group was divided into two separate companies but were doing a lot of business together and were partnering in various projects. That got us thinking that why compete with each other when we could join forces and be much stronger, faster and versatile. And that is what finally happened. A bunch of bartenders joined forces with a bright vision for the future of the bar industry. To create Finland’s first cocktail revolution and put Helsinki in the map of cocktail around the world. That is when something truly new and innovative was born into this country. That is when Son of a Punch was born.

Today, it’s still all about friendships and making a difference. The cocktail bastards crew share a passion for good food, tasty drinks and great hospitality. A lot has changed in the past few years but the original mission is still up to date. We want to make sure our guests always feel welcome and are able to experience something interesting when visiting us. Also, the importance of making noise globally and introducing Scandinavian scene to the world is something we believe in.

The journey to this day has been colorful, rocky and long but as it always is in the restaurant industry. We have experienced plenty of successful and unsuccessful moments, tears have been shred, joyful laughs experienced and a vast variety of other emotions experienced. But we have enjoyed every moment of it and wouldn’t change a thing. For this we have to thank all of our lovely guests we get to spend time with. For us, the most fulfilling moment is when we can bring some joy into people’s days.

At the moment Son of a Punch consist of four bars, one restaurant and bunch of catering events. All of which are united with a strong concept and passion for its specific product that is being served in that venue. We aim for creating new possibilities, experiences and options for our guests. Be it a quirky Asian themed cocktailbar 100 Dogs or certified Pizzeria Via Tribunali that is the first pizzeria that serves real pizza napoletana in Finland or private event in someone’s home, we always push ourselves to achieve this. This is not our job; it’s our privilege, and our lifestyle.

We are a gang of around 40 enthusiasts, crazy, professional, cocktail bastards that spread the positive joy forward. We love what we do and enjoy every moment of it. Through years, we have been part in opening hundreds of different concepts and thousands of events. Thus, it is safe to say that our portfolio is one of the largest in this country. And this is something we believe is our strong side and differentiate from others. The ability to work in a constantly changing industry, with different concepts and with versatile people. The talent to get excited and inspire the surroundings into more positive thinking. The skills to make our guests feel welcome and give a little surprise to their experience. Because all of this, we are constantly pursuing to expand and make our concepts even better. And not only to the city of Helsinki but also to other cities and hopefully one day to other countries.

For the past few years we have been granted for the possibility to do what we truly love and dreamed for. Wild concept after another, crazy party after the other always focusing on quality drink and food. It has been wonderful to see that all of this funny madness has always found it’s place and time.

So you can be sure that we will continue thriving for new, innovative and creative projects and all this is done for you to enjoy tasty drinks, delightful food, personalized service and wild concepts. While the others are thinking about it, we have already done it. While the others try to do it, we do it better. The courage and the bravery next to honor are our tools for making things happen.

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