Bob’s Laundry

In by Antti

My name is Bob & I love laundry.

Gone are the days when you’d just sit tight and wait
for the laundry to finish on a Friday night. Introducing, Bob.

Bob’s Laundry is a laidback hangout, bringing people together over beer, wine, food & highball cocktails in Merikortteli. Three professional washing machines make sure your dirty laundry feels as refreshed as you when leaving the premises. Filthy socks, pants, bustiers and polos – you name it, Bob will most likely wash it.
Bob has no boundaries and asks no questions.

Ferris Bueller meets John Cena. Old Hollywood meets teeny weeny string bikini. Beethoven meets 80’s post-disco. Sanna Marin meets Cruella De Vil.
Neighbourhood hangout meets vibrant hotspot. Highball cocktails meets drinkable wines. Comfort food meets beer to wash it down with. Laundry meets bar.

People, meet Bob.

Tuesday 16-00
Wednesday-Thursday 16-01
Friday-Saturday 16-02

Merimiehenkatu 40, Helsinki

+358 50 3134875


You can make table reservations or reserve the laundry bar for your group’s private use by sending us an email. We do table reservations for parties with six or more, otherwise we operate with the first come, first serve principle.

As a private event we can accommodate up to 100 people (80 by seat). We also do private bookings for our cabinet only, which seats up to 30 people.