Cocktail Workshops

We welcome you and your group to embark on a collective flavor journey into the essence of cocktails! Our cocktail school offers an inspiring and creative way to enjoy after-work gatherings or team-building days with colleagues. We provide professional and mind-expanding training about cocktails and their world. Under the guidance of our skilled instructor, you'll dive into the world of cocktails and learn to craft your favorite drinks. We're happy to tailor the cocktail workshops around your chosen drink or theme, but we also offer excellent pre-designed options. Learn more about our workshops or get in touch, and we'll gladly provide further details.

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Cocktailworkshop by Son of a Punch

Welcome to the cocktail school, where we offer inspiring ways to spend time at after-work events and post-work gatherings with friends, colleagues, or your team. With the guidance of our professional, you'll get to explore the world of cocktails and learn to make your favorite cocktails. Our cocktail school can also be arranged as alcohol-free, so everyone can participate!

Location: We come to you! The cocktail workshop can be organized in your premises or at our training bar located in Kallio, Pizzeria Via Tribunali premises. For groups of fewer than 20 people, we can also arrange training sessions at our cocktail bars.

Content: The cocktail school includes three drinks per person. Customizable based on preferences and themes, such as classics, the '90s, sours, James Bond, Mad Men, or Sex and the City.

Duration: 1-2 hours, depending on the group size


  • 20-35 people: €42/person
  • 36-50 people: €37/person
  • 51+ people: €32/person (VAT 0%)

If your group is smaller than this, we can arrange a customized training for €840 (VAT 0%).

Alcoholic beverages are procured separately according to our shopping list.

Extra: At Kallio Via Tribunali premises you can also combine the workshop with amazing Neapolitan pizza.

The training is typically conducted in small groups of 10 participants, and each attendee gets to prepare three completely different cocktails. You will learn various cocktail-making techniques, including building, stirring, and shaking, and we'll reveal a few cocktail secrets that will impress your guests at your next home party or at the bar.

Program Schedule:

  1. The instructor introduces themselves and presents the program, along with a brief overview of cocktail history. (Approx. 10 minutes)
  2. The instructor introduces the first cocktail and provides instructions for participants to make it. The first 10 prepare their drinks. (Approx. 10 minutes)
  3. Break and preparations for the next drink. (Approx. 5 minutes) The instructor ensures the workstations are clean and sets up everything needed for the next drink.
  4. Introduction and preparation of the second cocktail. (Approx. 10 minutes, 10 rounds)
  5. Break and preparations for the next drink. (Approx. 5 minutes)
  6. Introduction and preparation of the third cocktail. (Approx. 15 minutes, 10 rounds)

This program schedule allows participants to learn, practice, and enjoy the cocktail-making process at various stages throughout the training.

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    The training theme is fully customizable based on your preferences and the nature of the event. Feel free to contact us either by giving us a call or by filling out the contact form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.