Son of a Punch

We're group of restaurant professionals on a mission to redefine hostmanship and exploring new, unique ways of understanding the hospitality experience. We are proud of what we do, we believe in exceptional service built on mutual respect, and we love to explore and re-discover fun, unique and exceptional restaurant and bar concepts. Purely for the love a tasty food, drinks and great vibes.

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We want to showcase our expertise in different venues and this way help events to shine and stand out from others. Our passion doesn't limit only to our restaurants and bars, we want to see high quality cocktails being served at big festivals and at private home parties. Imagine a refreshing punch served at your birthday party or a well stirred Negroni at your company event. Any event combined with the right cocktail and service will make your day perfect. This is our mission and we are more than happy to do this with you!